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The Narrow Trail

“I wrote this book because I was concerned that the essence of Christianity has been misunderstood and misconstrued. While statistically people are detaching from church in greater numbers, research shows they know less than ever about the faith they say they’re abandoning. I think it is important to understand why one believes or doesn’t believe what they are jettisoning. I really do believe this book will help you comprehend the Christian faith at its most important level.” ~ Chuck Ryor
The Narrow Trail book on table

What Others Have Said

The Narrow Trail is for all along the journey of faith. Chuck challenges our individualistic culture, it’s impact, and the vital need we all have for community, support, and love... Chuck helps us to see the light of the gospel, the power of God’s Word, and the amazing love and grace of our Heavenly Father.
Josh Hingst
Author and Super Bowl-winning NFL Strength Coach,
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Vikings
Compelling yet nonjudgmental perspectives from a pastor and communication scholar with a knack for metaphors in storytelling of lived experiences. Dr. Ryor engages his understanding of the struggles believers face in navigating their obedience to God’s Word and the difficulty of building meaningful relationships with others in the body of Christ as they contemplate: ‘should I stay, or should I go?’
Dr. Felecia F. Jordan Jackson
Associate Professor, Florida State University
There is an abundance of books available about discipleship, but not many speak pastorally to those who are wounded, tired, and reluctant. Pastor Ryor’s, The Narrow Trail, in a winsome and biblical way, addresses common and deep pitfalls to those struggling to find life in following Jesus; he does this while stoking the reader's imagination towards Jesus’ roadmap to the abundant life.
Dr. Jamaal Williams
Lead Pastor, Sojourn Church Midtown, and President, Harbor Network
Chuck’s grasp on the larger narrative of the story of God and His people drew me in, for which I am thankful. His admissions, scholarship, and pastoral heart dovetail into a beautiful offering that meets me in my weariness and encourages me for my daily struggle to live in truth and grace. And it will serve me—and those I minister to—well, until Jesus renews all things. Thankful for this offering!
Mike Khandjian
Sr. Pastor, Chapelgate Presbyterian Church, Marriottsville, MD, and Author of A Sometimes Stumbling Life
In the midst of great difficulty and adversity, The Narrow Trail by Dr. Ryor was refreshing to my soul. I am thankful for Chuck’s reminders and reflections that points us squarely to the Lord Jesus Christ. I highly recommend The Narrow Trail and trust many will find their way to Jesus because of this book.
Tyler St. Clair
Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Detroit, MI
My friend, Chuck Ryor, has pastored in a variety of contexts, more than anyone in America I know. From church planting in the Bible Belt, student ministry on a State University campus, suburban youth ministry, and church revitalization on the west coast, Chuck has done it all. His experiences with Christians from all contexts and walks of life make him the perfect person to speak to Christians prone to wander off The Narrow Trail. I look forward to sharing The Narrow Trail with my congregation and am hopeful it will be a helpful resource for many. Chuck has a heart for those on the fence when it comes to their faith and has a desire to help them stay connected to the Lord and the church. We need The Narrow Trail!
Dean Inserra
Sr. Pastor, City Church, Tallahassee, FL, and Author of The Unsaved Christian
Using the apt metaphor of hiking toward a mountain peak, Chuck Ryor skillfully describes the ardor of the Christian pilgrimage. Knowing that many have given up the climb and even more are considering abandoning it, The Narrow Trail offers deep refreshment to keep us heading onward and upward. This fresh injection of hope is the balm weary travelers need.
Ray Cortese
Sr. Pastor, Seven Rivers Church, Lecanto, FL
Chuck Ryor is a seasoned pastor who has walked with many people through their seasons of spiritual doubt and questioning. I believe that you will find The Narrow Trail full of timely wisdom and advice to help you in your own spiritual journey. Simple and straightforward, Chuck’s tips are super practical and grounded in Scripture. Highly recommended!
Dr. Paul Gilbert, PhD
Lead Pastor, Four Oaks Community Church, Tallahassee, FL
For the seeker, the sleeper, the one fed up with religious grandstanding and showing off, for the disenfranchised and frustrated, for the one who after their latest wounding at the hands of another supposed follower of Jesus has walked away from the local church, Chuck Ryor is a winsome but clear guide for your journey back to the good way, the right path, or The Narrow Trail.
Ryan Williams
Lead Pastor, City on a Hill Church, Albuquerque, NM, and Director of Am I Called Ministries
Chuck Ryor’s mastery of culturally relevant story telling makes this a must read for every ‘hungry soul longing for clarity about their faith’ and every local church pastor. This brilliantly crafted work paints a realistic view of a Christian’s journey in the 21st Century Western culture. Love, love, love the simplicity, captivating stories, and the ‘Three Tips’ Paradigm.
Tim Beltz
Retired Captain (USCG), Retired Executive Pastor, church consultant, and Author of Charting the Course: ‘How to’ Navigate the Legal Side of a Church Plant
When Jesus commanded us to follow him, he meant to do so closely. Yet, at times we can find ourselves at quite a distance from the delight of his presence. In The Narrow Trail Chuck Ryor reminds us that what Christ calls us to he also enables in us, as we trust in him. His triad of Gospel Clarity, Growing Humility, and Genuine Community are worth the price of the book. Buy it, read it, live it, and then read it again.
Dr. David W. Hegg
Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, CA, and Author of The Obedience Option, When My Heart is Faint, and The Privilege of Persecution